Helped me purchase & rent out my homes

/Helped me purchase & rent out my homes

Helped me purchase & rent out my homes

Having interviewed multiple property management professionals in the Dallas area Karl Kennerly was selected to lead a small portfolio of investment properties from initial investment, property management and final divestiture. The depth of knowledge displayed during the initial interview period set the tone for the next 6 years of successful navigation through the this investment effort.
During the initial investment period Karl’s knowledge of local areas and rental conditions helped guide property purchases regarding location, property type and effective price point negotiations.
The professional and adept property management techniques continually ensured properties were occupied with qualified tenants and very minimal down time. Accurate and timely feedback was always provided to the client helping streamline the decision making process ensuring a continual movement forward and necessary decisions were made rather than delayed.

During divestiture Karl again demonstrated the flexibility and expertise necessary to monitor and understand immediate changes in market conditions. Appropriate price points were set with constant review of area activity allowing the client to adjust positioning helping ensure least amount of time on market.

Karl has demonstrated his capacity as a real estate professional in purchase, sales and property management. I believe Karl sees his function as a real estate activity manager through every part of the process as well as an educator to provide informed advice as needed ensuring the client has a clear understanding of all aspects of their investment allowing for informed decisions to be made.
The real estate services, whether purchase, sales or property/investment management, of Karl Kennerly are highly recommended.

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