Bought a Home in 2018 in Plano, TX.

/Bought a Home in 2018 in Plano, TX.

Bought a Home in 2018 in Plano, TX.

Karl was exactly what we were looking for in a realtor. First he met with us at a sit down and determined what we were looking for, if there was an area we would like to be in, how much we could afford, and if we needed financing. He next start browsing the market and sending us info on homes he thought we would like. In just a few days we found a condo we really liked. Karl contacted us and we decided what we thought would be a fair offer.

Karl handled that for us and after a counter offer and a counter, counter offer we agreed and closed the deal. Karl handled the inspection and believe me it was thorough, and Karl handled the little corrections to be made to the property before the official closing. Things went so smoothly, and Karl did a great job with the title company. We closed in approximately two weeks from the time we made the offer to receiving the keys at the title company. Karl kept me informed step by step throughout the whole process. That is what I wanted and that was what I received

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